Its been a busy writing year, and the Chubby Chicks Club is back in action with Book #2 of the CCC cozy mystery series, Murderous Muffins.

  • Cat and Annie Mae, self proclaimed amateur sleuths, were up to some wild antics in Book #1, Dying for Dinner Rolls.  It went on to become a Kindle Top 100 best seller and #1 cozy mystery book, thanks to all my readers like you.
  • This time, Bezu has gotten herself in some serious trouble in Book #2 of the CCC, Murderous Muffins, and Cat has to team up with her to find the killer before Bezu loses everything.
  • Book #3 of the CCC, Homicide by Hamlet is well underway and should be available in early 2015 (takes a while to write and get through those meticulous editors…)

If you liked Dying for Dinner Rolls, you’ll love Murderous Muffins.

Happy Reading!

Lois Lavrisa

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