You are invited!

You are invited!

Would you like the chance to read my new releases before their official launch date?

Please join the team!

I’m expanding my Advanced Reader Team.  I’m thrilled to be doing this and would love to have you as part of the team.

One of the most important things for me during the launch of a new release (critical, really) is to get reviews for that book on the day it launches. You probably look at reviews every time you make a purchase, and so do I. Almost everyone else does, too.

Not only do reviews help persuade readers to take a chance on an author they’ve never read before, but reviews posted on launch day help drive early sales. That, in turn, means that Amazon takes notice and starts to market my book on my behalf. And no one markets a book better than Amazon.

In order to make that happen, I rely on a small team of loyal and engaged Advanced Readers. Here’s how it works. I send a link for my upcoming new release to my Advance Reader Team about a week before it is set to launch. The team can then download the book to whatever reading device they choose for FREE.  Each member then reads it and posts a quick and honest review on the book’s launch day (I remind everyone when the day comes).

It’s super easy, and all that is required is for every member to post an honest review on launch day.  I like to think that it’s a pretty fair exchange. But remember, this only works if you can read and review a book within about a week.

If you’d like to be a part of my Advanced Reader Team, CLICK HERE  to apply.

Take care-

Lois Lavrisa

Well it’s about time! The CCC is back…..

Yes, the Chubby Chicks Club is finally back, and the next book in the series, Homicide by Hamlet will come out on February 12th.  I know its been quite some time, but this one took me a while to develop, write, edit and publish.

  • You remember Annie Mae from “Dying for Dinner Rolls” and “Murderous Muffins?”  Well she’s back, but this time as the main character.
  • She has one last easy job to do before she retires, a week of summer theater camp.  She could do it with her eyes closed.
  • But one of the team leaders is mysteriously murdered and all hell breaks loose as everyone is a suspect and everyone has a secret.
  • Will Annie Mae find out the truth before she becomes the killer’s next victim?
  • Or will death be her swan song?

Find out in the third book of the Chubby Chicks Club cozy mystery series, Homicide by Hamlet.

Preorders are now available on for $0.99 through February 12th for my website fans.  February 13th?  Price goes to $3.99!

The first review from one of my editors? “My compliments. I think this is your finest work yet.”

Hurry, time’s a wasting, …and for me too, because I’ve already started book four, Killing with Kings!

Happy Reading!

Lois Lavrisa

P.S. That link again?  Homicide by Hamlet on

The Chubby Chicks Club is Back

Its been a busy writing year, and the Chubby Chicks Club is back in action with Book #2 of the CCC cozy mystery series, Murderous Muffins.

  • Cat and Annie Mae, self proclaimed amateur sleuths, were up to some wild antics in Book #1, Dying for Dinner Rolls.  It went on to become a Kindle Top 100 best seller and #1 cozy mystery book, thanks to all my readers like you.
  • This time, Bezu has gotten herself in some serious trouble in Book #2 of the CCC, Murderous Muffins, and Cat has to team up with her to find the killer before Bezu loses everything.
  • Book #3 of the CCC, Homicide by Hamlet is well underway and should be available in early 2015 (takes a while to write and get through those meticulous editors…)

If you liked Dying for Dinner Rolls, you’ll love Murderous Muffins.

Happy Reading!

Lois Lavrisa