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Hi, I’m Lois

A women’s empowerment coach, writer, author, speaker and eternal optimist who is committed to helping you get clarity, confidence in your life’s purpose. I’m honored to be a part of helping women live their own very best authentic life.

What I Do

Is get fired up and energized helping women, like you, re-discover your dreams, passion & purpose. And helping women find their . . . .

(dare I say it)


From waitressing to earning my Masters degree and working at a Fortune 500 company and everything in between and beyond including writing five novels.

Something still felt off. I kept spinning my wheels pursuing the next shiny object that would make me happy.

Then I thought. There has to be more.

So I studied and read and learned from healers and coaches and mindfulness experts.

There are not enough amazing words that can describe Lois Lavrisa. Not only as a coach but as a true authentic person. Her understanding of life challenges is amazing. I found that no matter the problem, whether embarrassing, difficult, painful and yes, the fun and joyful too- she is there to listen and hold space providing compassion and understanding.  Lois is knowledgeable, experienced, down to earth and insightful. When you talk to her you realize that you have a person that no matter what happens in life, she is there for you on your side and guiding you to be all you can be. She encourages and supports you to be the best version of you.  There is no judgment and no shame. She accepts you and is there with you through it all. She gets real life.  She gets the struggles and the pain and she also gets how to overcome it and move on. Lois has one of the most tender hearts and souls I know.

Wendy Harris

Health & Wellness Coach

It’s such a pleasure to be acquainted with Lois. Her enthusiasm for life and positivity brings such energy to those around her. Lois is the real deal, authentic, knowledgeable and passionate. Lois is skilled, knowledgeable, experienced, empathetic and has a natural ability to offer valuable support and guidance. Lois has a sincere desire to get to know those who she comes in contact with. Her compassion and heart to help others is truly felt by those she meets. She is a joy to be around.

Tami Jaffe

Happiness in the After, Coach

Lois is an amazing soul.  She has taught me to trust my inner compass.  That the answers are inside me, all I need to do is listen.  Lois is intelligent, thoughtful, articulate, and kind. She will always tell me the truth. Lois’s perspective, experience and knowledge are a true blessing.  Her insight has proven valuable time and time again. She can help you through challenges that will undoubtedly arise on your way to your best self. I would recommend her services to anyone who asks me.

Carie Young

HealthMarkets Agency

I love her heart! You cannot find someone more caring, generous and of any high integrity than Lois. She’s authentic, wise and down to earth, as well as brilliant and a very accomplished & successful author of many novels.  You can trust her guidance and her intuition to give you the best results on your path to your best life.  I couldn’t recommend Lois any higher. You are in great hands. Don’t give it a second thought, leap into coaching with Lois. You’ll be the better for it.

Kate Johnson

Not Your Average Midlife Coach

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