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I’m sharing this tool “How to Overcome Self-Doubt and Start Your Own your Coaching Business” with women, like you, who want to leave their current career and start their own 6 figure business but have that nagging pesky self-doubt.

Why is self-doubt pesky? Self-doubt manifests in a variety of ways including: Lack of motivation, indecisiveness and imposter syndrome which prevent you from reaching your goal of having a 6-figure business. Kick self-doubt to the curb. Grab your FREE booklet here…



I’m a money mindset mentor & life coach…for entrepreneurs, creatives, and coaches… just like you.   

I’ll show you how to improve your relationship with money so you can have the freedom you desire, start earning more and create your Epic Life.

“There are not enough amazing words that can describe Lois Lavrisa. Not only as a coach but as a true authentic person. She encourages & supports you to be the best version of you. There is no judgment & no shame… she accepts you & is there with you… she gets real life, the struggles & pain how to overcome it & move on.”

~ Wendy Harris, NC, USA


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“She’s authentic, wise & down to earth… You can trust her guidance & her intuition to give you the best results on your path to your best life. I couldn’t recommend Lois any higher. You’re in great hands. Don’t give it a second thought, leap into coaching with Lois. You’ll be the better for it.”

~ Kate Johnson, IL USA

Hi gorgeous lady! I’m so glad you’re here!
I’m Lois, adventure craving (I adore travel) outdoor hiking (thankfully here in Savannah we can be outdoor year-round) book reading, joke telling, multiple 6 figure money mindset + life coach for women entrepreneurs, coaches and creatives.
I started my coaching business after raising four kids (they’re all young adults now) writing five novels and working as an adjunct professor.
Even working day and night, investing a whole bunch of money in coaches, mentors, programs, conferences, classes, hundreds of books …and doing all the work (much it fluff and stuff that I loathed!)
In the end, all I had to show for it was confusion, overwhelm, a whole lot less money in my bank account and not a single client. Not one. 
Those first three years felt like I was just spinning my wheels going nowhere.
But I learned valuable lessons so that I can save you from going nowhere fast.  
I now run a 6-figure business, have the freedom and flexibility to travel and spend time with my family and friends.
My passion (really, my mission) is to help women overcome their mindset and money fears, blocks and sabotages to create the life (and money) they desire (and deserve!)

“Her enthusiasm for life & positivity brings such energy to those around her. Lois is the real deal, authentic, knowledgeable & passionate. Lois is skilled, knowledgeable, experienced, empathetic & has a natural ability to offer valuable support & guidance.”

~ Tami Jaffe, GA, USA



 “Lois is intelligent, thoughtful, articulate & kind. She will always tell me the truth. Lois’s perspective, experience & knowledge are a true blessing. Her insight has proven valuable time & time again. She can help you through challenges that will undoubtedly arise on your way to your best self. I would recommend her services to anyone who asks me.”

~ Carie Young, IN, USA