From Weed Pulling to Enlightened…

(Let me back up here a bit.)

On my journey to my breakthrough, I have had many jobs, some paid, some not. The unpaid jobs began cleverly disguised as my being “a little helper.” I did household chores, which developed to lawn care specialist (grass cutter and weed puller.) Unpaid work was part and parcel of pulling my weight in my family. However, I got a cool pair of Calvin Klein jeans and a pair of powder blue cat-eye prescription glasses- so there was that.

My paid jobs were just as diverse. Once upon a time I was a health club supervisor, a waitress, a babysitter, a fast food server, a retail worker, an insurance claims adjuster, an exercise instructor, an adjunct college professor, a cable TV regional trainer, an NBA professional cheerleader, a freelance journalist, a model, author of five books, and backstage security. Those are just the ones I can spout off the top of my head, and not necessarily in chronological order. I’ve also earned my Masters and Bachelor degrees.

Yes. I’ve had some diverse life experiences. I’ve done a lot of traveling.  I  lived in Sweden for two years. Got married (I’m still hitched). Had four children. All the while I fit myself into the expectations of what a:  Wife. Mom. Friend. Employee. Boss. Volunteer. Neighbor. Aunt. Sister-in-law. Daughter. Sister. Niece. Granddaughter … should be.

Working tirelessly to fit in (whatever the heck “fitting in” meant). Bent and contorted myself to what I felt those societal, familial, learned or self imposed perceptions were. 


I bounced from here to there, trying to find where I belonged. How I fit in the world.  All the while having this nagging feeling of restlessness. Thinking there must be something more out there and somehow, someday, some way I would find it and I would no longer feel disquiet.

If I worked hard enough. Did well enough. Was “okay” enough.  My yearning would be over. I had a sinking feeling that I was one step behind of life. Somehow out of sync. Yet working myself to exhaustion to get one step ahead.

Sleepless nights.  Restless thoughts.  Heart aching for more. Tears welling in my eyes as I often felt actual life slipping by while I marked time with the hectic pace of my current life.  The moments tucking under days then folding into years and collapsing into decades …without finding the answer out there.

It Took Me Decades To Realize There’s Not Something Out There...

It is inside us.

Our minds.

Our hearts.

Our soul.

Our gut.

Really?  I had to go through all that only to discover there’s no answer ‘out there.’ 

It’s like Dorothy who crashed landed in Oz trying desperately to find her way back home. Looking to others. The great and powerful Oz (who, if you remember, turned out to be a rather lost soul himself).  

Along. with supportive and protective friends (Lion, Tin Man and Scare Crow)  she went through many trials and tribulations including having flying monkeys and a wicked witch after them. With the guidance of Glinda, the Good Witch, Dorothy discovers she had the solution with her all along. 

My barriers such as fear, trying to fit in with perceived expectations, perfectionism, being a workaholic, having bouts (who am I kidding- I had it often) of severe comparisonitis, people pleasing (don’t even get me started on that) being a servant, low self esteem, fear of missing out (FOMO) to the max, becoming a martyr… were some of my flying monkeys preventing me from achieving my dream. My goals.

Living my life fully and completely.

Seriously.  I was my own worst enemy.

Through years of life and vast experiences, I knew there had to be more. I began devouring self-help books, courses, podcasts, attending conferences.  I dove deep in to a myriad of topics from mindset, to how to achieve your dreams, to finding your soul’s purpose, all aspects of spirituality, recovery, health (mental, physical, emotional), positive thinking, relationships, success mastery and so much more. Hundreds of them.

What kept gnawing in my gut?

I could not live the same way.  It no longer worked for me (actually it never quite did anyway…)

I needed to live authentically.  Pursue my passions.  My dreams. On my own terms. Now.

Through life experiences, learned and gained knowledge – I have found the path that I know is inside all of us.  I’m sharing these life changing tools and strategies with women, like you, who want to find clarity, confidence and a sense of purpose to live their best life.  

Let’s swing back to the Wizard of Oz reference- consider me Glinda who will help guide you and show you the answers already in you, so you can become fully immersed in your unique, one of a kind, magnificent life.

Are you ready to go from Now to WOW?


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