Christmas Corpse Caper

Christmas Corpse Caper

(A Young Adult Short Story/Mystery) Liquid Lies Prequel

Short Story, Mystery, Suspense

Christmas Corpse Caper is a 10,000 word short story (romantic suspense) prequel to the Amazon bestselling mystery “LIQUID LIES.”

Stuck at work on Christmas Eve, Mark Stevens plans to make the best of it. He may even wrangle a date with a co-worker he’s loved since fifth grade. But his plan quickly goes awry when the night turns creepy with strange noises and a broken vase. And when a corpse vanishes, the question becomes whether he’ll make it through the night without losing his sanity…or his life. A mysterious and fun prequel to the Amazon Kindle Bestseller “LIQUID LIES.”

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5 stars Christmas Corpse Caper (by Lois Lavrisa). This is such a fun tale of a mortician who loses a body, but before the end, he finds true love.” Mimi Barbour, bestselling author

“I just ….read the story by Lois Lavrisa (Christmas Corpse Caper). I first met her character, Mark, in her novel, LIQUID LIES. It was fun to see Mark in action. A great little escapade. Looking forward to reading the other stories soon.” K.M, avid book reader

A Christmas Treat! So far I’ve had the pleasure to read “Christmas Corpse Caper.” The plot twists in “Christmas Corpse Caper” kept me guessing until the end. Can’t wait to read the other short stores.” Karen Cory, Reviewer

5.0 out of 5 stars A Mystery Christmas: Christmas Corpse Caper. In this short work, Lois Lavrisa has used her story to enliven the Mark character from her other book, LIQUID LIES. It is an enjoyable read.” T.H Reviewer